Puerto Anfi Timeshare. How I Ended Up A Specialist Reseller

Puerto Anfi Timeshare

How I came to specialise in Puerto Anfi Timeshare Resales

Puerto Anfi Timeshare
Puerto Anfi Timeshare Resort

Puerto Anfi Timeshare How did I fall into being the specialist for this particular resort and the resort group known as Anfi Del Mar? It’s not too long a story and will give you an idea of my background for all my blogs, so you know the basis of any advice or help I am offering on The Timesharer Blog. It all started back in the UK at a Wimpey Timeshare Resort.

As a young man looking for work in 1987, I responded to an advert to work at a local 100 acre former Royal Estate for Wimpey Leisure selling timeshare, whatever that was!  It was too tempting to refuse! The Resort was called Brantridge Park Timeshare.

Once employed I worked in this beautiful estate being developed by Wimpey to convert the stables and coach house that once served the original listed building, into Brantridge Mews Cottage apartments. Successfully and tastefully they did to compliment the regal Brantridge Timeshare manor house apartments.

Wimpey Brantridge Park. One my original Brantridge Park Timeshare pictures, like a time traveller back in time to the 80's, on my progress to Puerto Anfi TimeshareHowever there was an obstacle on October the 16th to be precise when a Hurricane swept through the south east corner of England where Brantridge Park Timeshare in Balcombe was located, and felled 200 trees including those that lined the half mile entrance approach trapping all the visitors staying in the Brantridge Manor House!

Wimpey Brantridge Park. One my original Brantridge Park Timeshare pictures showing the storm damage back in the 80's, on my time journey to Puerto Anfi TimeshareA resourceful estate manager broke into the locked restaurant kitchen to supply the residents with food until help from the gardeners and any of the staff including myself managed to cut through the trees to free them which took a whole weekend, although I feel some rather enjoyed the excitement combined with relaxation and the complimentary food!

The Mews apartments were completed and I rose the the dizzy rank of Marketing Manager after showing potential, and with this new status and influence. I arranged open days, including visits under the National Garden day scheme producing hundreds of interested people wanting the opportunity to explore this private and magnificent estate.

One visitor sought me out as he not been there for nearly 45 years. It was the old rector of the local church who had taken tea at Brantridge Park in 1940 with Princess Alice of Athlone, Queen Victoria’s Granddaughter, who owned the property at the time. We had a pleasant chat and exchanged old and current photos.

I experienced a fox hunt who lost their way arriving on our lovely manicured lawns and a herd of 100 cows who escaped from their adjoining field  enjoying a day of Royalty at the estate in my 13 years based at this lovely and some say haunted development, now sadly no longer a timeshare resort due to economics but I understand rentals are still available.

Wimpey Brantridge Park. One my original Brantridge Park Timeshare pictures, like a time traveller back in time to the 80's, look at the cars, on my progress to Puerto Anfi TimeshareI moved up the ladder to become Marketing Director for Wimpey Leisure looking after all their 9 resorts covering  England, the Canary Islands and mainland Spain, an experience I enjoyed immensely as it included trips to the sunshine as a regular part of my brief and encounters with famous writers, pop stars, T.V. stars and a Ryder Cup winner!

Now I’m running Eminent Travel close to the old resort in a former sawmills as a Timeshare Resale Company helping and advising those who wish to buy or sell their timeshare resale wherever they may be, specialising the very best of luxury timeshares especially Puerto Anfi Timeshare. as well as the other Anfi Resorts at Anfi Del Mar in  the group, Anfi Beach, Gran Anfi, Monte Anfi and Anfi Emerald and also Marriotts’ Resorts are a specialty too.

Puerto Anfi Timeshare – How I fell in love with the resort.

I took a family holiday at Anfi using my ownership at Wimpey’s Los Claveles Gold Crown Timeshare in Spain as an RCI vacation points exchange and found myself, by chance I think, in this ridiculously large 3 bedroom penthouse with whirlpool hot tub on the terrace in Puerto Anfi Timeshare right on the beach at Gran Canaria.

Wow what an experience for myself and family with a luxurious Puerto Anfi Timeshare apartment, as they all are, mine was just bigger, with it’s own glorious beach, loads of pools, and a shopping centre, something I’ve never experienced in all my timeshare travels.


Puerto Anfi Timeshare
Puerto Anfi Timeshare

Puerto Anfi Timeshare is like a small intimate village on the beach with perhaps as many as 10 snack bars or restaurants providing every cuisine and entertainment you could possible want, even my fussy son found a pizza parlour where he could be found sitting munching through an enormous dustbin lid size pizza watching the sport on t.v. before spending more time on the glorious white sandy beach.

Exploring Puerto Anfi Timeshare harbour my son found an array of colourful fish swimming contently around the boats moored in the harbour, whilst lurking in wait much to my sons disbelief was a metre long Barracuda ready for the hunt to find a tasty is not colourful lunch!

I would recommend Anfi timeshare resorts to anyone as they provide everything you could possibly want on a family holiday, whether it be a quiet time, or for the more adventurous you can take a boat or fishing trip from the harbour and of course there are the beach pedalo’s and rides, so those wishing to be pulled out to sea by a speed boat riding on some rubber contraption to the screams of delight from its riders when the obligatory flip happens and they all end up in the sea!

It is also possible to take a leisurely walk from the adjacent Puerto Anfi Timeshare beach to the local market where you can find almost anything you’ve ever considered buying, except of course a lovely Puerto Anfi Timeshare.

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