If you want to return to the same resort year on year

Marriott Resorts Timeshare Resales

Marriott Resorts Timeshare Resales

In the World of Timeshare Vacations, there is one company that was voted the best in the World. Step forward Marriott Vacation Club.

Type of owner

Marriott’s timeshares can be owned by owners that want to return to the same resort year after year, as opposed to say timesharing types that have Travel-Perks, as they prefer to travel the world, seeing a different resort every time.

Market Position

Marriotts are not for the faint of wallet either, but they do deliver value for money and a second to non, vacation experience. Worth every penny new, or if you are lucky enough to find one, as a Marriott Resales Week. 

Marriott Timeshares

With a declared revenue of $1.5 billion, more than 72 timeshare and fractional resorts and in excess of 400,000 owners and over 10,000 employees, Marriott’s are not a small developer by anyone’s standards.

Management Fees around $1,200

Most resorts are high quality, however that comes at a cost with management fees around the $1,100 and more in some resorts. Bear in mind this is per vacation week as a cost (or points equivalent).

Floating Time

Marriotts Weeks in Europe are floating time and floating season. This means you own at the time of year you need and if you own at the height of the season, then you can book at any time of the year, this is called Platinum Season, Next comes Gold Holiday, Gold and Silver.The actual weeks at the resorts do vary slightly according to location.

Choice of Resort not apartment

Because they are floating time you don’t get the same apartment each time of course, so each stay is an adventure. If you buy new then you can exchange to other Marriott resorts within the Marriott Vacation Club, but all Marriott’s owners can join Interval International and enjoy the highest level of exchange to any II affiliated Resort, including other Marriott’s Resorts of course.

Marriott Marbella Beach Resort

Unlike other famous resorts along the Costa Del Sol in Spain, The Marriott Marbella Beach Resort is proudly set a long way back from the busy Coastal Road, so enjoys a peaceful beach front location, yet has the speed of access for travel to the local attractions whilst at the same time being beach front on that sensational long sandy beach.

World Class Resort

Entrance to the resort is past a security boom with a parking area in front of reception and the main entrance. As son as you enter reception you know you are in a World Class Resort, a super quality supermarket is there along with the full reception and upstairs a bar and restaurant. The ambiance is upmarket and befitting such a quality resort, with attentive and welcoming staff to the fore.

Check in experience

Eagerly the apartment suite key was picked up and the check in completed efficiently. A short drive down to my apartment block,where we parked the car in the under apartments car park, where I stayed in delightful two bedroom apartments.

The Resort

The resort is beachfront and everything as luxurious as you would expect, and a host of amenities too long to list. There was even a sunbathing area for topless sunbathing descretely away from the main poolside area.

So what makes Marriott Resorts Timeshare Resales so special?

I have had the joy of two visits to the Marriott Marbella Beach Club,where I sampled the joy first hand.

Where to get your Spanish Marriott Resorts Timeshare Resales?

If you are looking for Marriott Resorts Timeshare Resales, particularly in Spain, I would recommend heartily Time Travellers Marriott Timeshares List who are UK Trading Standards Awarded and Recommended Timeshare Seller in the UK and they have held the award every year without a break.

Time Travellers are specialists on Marriott Playa Andaluza Spain and France or their Marriott Resales Timeshare in Spain site

Marriott Timeshares

Playa Andaluza, Marriott Marbella on the Costa Del Sol and  Son Antem Gold in Mallorca

Marriott Timeshare Resales Owner sitting on Playa Andaluza Balcony
Marriott Playa Andaluza
Marriott Ille De France Paris
Marriott Paris
Marriott Son Antem Mallorca The Timesharer
Marriott Son Antem
Marriott Phuket The Timesharer
Marriott Phuket Thailand
The Timesharer Marriott Marbella from balcony picture
Marriott Marbella Beach Resort
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