Travel-Perks – a revolutionary way to take unlimited RCI Vacations

Because you don’t have to first buy and then trade in a week of vacation ownership, Travel-Perks has a whole series of advantages and cost savings, yet you can take the same RCI vacations without the all those property ownership management costs.

You don’t need a calculator to see the stunning difference in savings Travel-Perks members have when taking Resort Vacations.

Let’s compare vacation ownership with all it’s costs, complex exchange rules, liabilities and limitations with Travel-Perks that has no complex rules or yearly running costs.

Travel-Perks Benefits vs Timeshare Ownership
Travel-Perks RCI Resorts Vacations

A small (less than an average management fee, see offer) once only Payment with no yearly fees ever.

No Property No yearly fees to pay, no worries about upkeep or liabilities to the family (it is free to will with no liabilities as there are no fees!). You are as free as a bird. Even better there are no rising fees or costs every year, ever mounting. Nothing, no fees, no running costs $0. Nice.

Join Travel-Perks online in minutes and get instantaneous access to your Travel-Perks Platinum account. Literally in 10 minutes from now you could be booking RCI apartments for you and your family and friends. No restrictions and unlimited bookings in any year. No commitments – once a member if you never use it, you pay nothing, £0.

Travel-Perks members don’t need an ownership, you simply look for what you want on RCI and book it there and then, with weeks starting at $279 per apartment per week which is less than owners pay for the average yearly management fee. And no guest certificate costs. You are booking without management or exchange costs or restrictions. Look Book Go, you can even hold for 24 hours whilst you get your flights.

Vacation Property Ownership / Timeshare


A capital property outlay with YEARLY property and resort upkeep costs and membership fees.

Property to maintain, so management fees every year, that means management fees to go up and up whilst you are locked to the upkeep costs. Because you own a property and so you have to pay all the staff costs, pool cleaning or golf course upkeep and it always goes up year on year!

Timeshare. Binding contracts to sign, Club rules, long timeshare sales presentations or trusting your reseller, long term commitments and no waiting months for your property and the chance to see what you qualify for in RCI. Owners pay huge management fees and yearly subscription fees and you’ll pay to exchange your week to go elsewhere.

Timeshare Owners get a like for like RCI exchange, for a fee you can get back out what you put in, whether that is a quality level or an apartment size or a resort ambiance and facilities. When you get a match with a week or enough points you pay the fee and get a week. If you are letting friends use it they have a guest certificate fee. You can only book what you are entitled to and to get more exchange access you will need to buy another property…

Travel-Perks vs Timeshare Costs

Comparison based on averages as example only, fees taken from RCI member fees US 2021
This comparison does not include the cost of the initial  timeshare!

What Is Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations?

A Way to take fabulous RCI vacations without all the ownership fees

If you plan your Lifetime Vacations Once - Do It Right - save $,$$ on yearly costs
What Is Travel-Perks Resort Vacations?
What Is Travel-Perks Resort Vacations? 

Travel-Perks is an instant booking RCI Resorts Members Club with up to 4500 Timeshare Vacation  Resorts in over 100 Countries. No complicated enlisting process, no obligations, no yearly fees, no maintenance fees, no guest fees, no property ownership worries, and if you don't book you don't pay anything once a member. Facebook..

How Does Travel-Perks Work?

On Joining Travel-Perks you can book as many times a year as you want instantly. From Hotels to 3 bedroom Apartment Suites from JUST $279 per apartment per week, that's around $7 per person. You can browse and hold a booking for 24 hours whilst you carry on looking. 7 days, 5 days, 3 day breaks and more. See brochure..

What is Travel-Perks Resort Vacations?
Timeshare Owners & Newcomers Alike

Travel-Perks is a brilliant vacation system in it's own right, it can also boost a Timeshare owners options with it's unlimited bookings a year without the any repetitive financial drag, making it a perfect $ friendly add-on to Vacation Style and opportunities. No trading rules or restrictions, the whole family or just a getaway on your own. Complete Freedom. 

What Is Travel-Perks Resort Vacations Offer?
What Is Travel-Perks Resort Vacations Offer?

In our specially negotiated offer you can have a choice of super once only offers. With over 70% off a Lifetime Platinum membership at just $595, a 1 year Trial at just $135.
Take the whole family or your friends,  so you can all be independent or all go together. From singles to groups of 8, there is something for every style of vacation   

Travel-Perks RCI Resorts in 30 seconds

Travel-Perks, RCI vacations without all the costs

Travel-Perks in 30 seconds

See What Travel-Perks Can Do For You

A Lifetime Of Great Vacations without all the ownership costs

Join Travel-Perks today and you can be booking a fabulous vacation in minutes.

There are no yearly fees, maintenance fees, exchange fees or Guest Certificate fees, book for yourself, your family, your friends.

That's right, you buy it once and get it for life! You'll be able to book as many vacations as you want - without all the costs or limitations of ownership

All the vacations without All the costs - Lifetime membership offer right now at $595

I am already an RCI Points owner and yet Travel-Perks lets me take extra weeks, friends and family in weeks from $279 per apartment per week. I can also take extra weeks in the resort that I already own in, for less than I am paying per week in management fees, that truly is amazing. So whether you are new to Vacationing in super timeshare resorts or a seasoned owner, Travel-Perks Resort Vacations can save you a staggering amount of money on brilliant vacations.

Join Travel-Perks for $395 NOW

Search for your RCI Vacation on Travel-Perks

Search On Travel-Perks

Once you are a member of Travel-Perks you can search anywhere there is an RCI Resort all around the World.

From the list of resorts in your chosen area you can select the resort picture to go to the resort information page, with full unit details, view the TripAdvisor ratings and resort reviews, amenities, services and facilities and what is in the locality.

You can choose the unit sizes, dates and number of weeks and either hold for 24 hours or book straight away. You will get an automated booking confirmation back from RCI.

Start packing, it really is as easy as that. Of course you could also now book straight away for your friends or your next vacation!

Travel-Perks Is So Easy

Join for just $595 in our limited time Platinum Lifetime Membership offer and you could book and RCI Vacation Resort in less than 5 minutes from $279 per apartment per week

Join Travel-Perks

Join for $395

Step 1
Search RCI Resorts


Step 2
Book or hold for 24 hours

Book or hold

Step 3
Enjoy your vacation




Lifetime Membership 

  • Code: lifetimeusa
  • Lifetime membership
  • NO yearly fee
  • Instant Access
  • Unlimited Use
  • Book For Family
  • Book For Your Friends
  • Normal price $2395
  • Save $1,800
1 Year Bronze


1 Year Trial Use

  • Code:  lifetimeusa 
  • Lifetime membership
  • 1 year use book ahead option
  • Instant Access
  • Normal Price $299
  • Save $164

Travel-Perks Offers
Platinum $595, Bronze $135

Join now and literally save $,$
s with our special offers with NO Yearly Fees
Use the discount code: lifetimeusa

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