Once In a  Lifetime - Lifetime Offer

Travel-Perks Resort Vacations Lifetime Special Offer
Travel-Perks Easy and simple - Exclusive $295 - 5 Year Silver Membership Offer

In our humble opinion Travel-Perks is one of the best vacation systems out there.

For a small one off joining fee in our The Timesharer $295 5 year offer you get unlimited access to around half a million live weeks at up to 4500 RCI resorts in over 100 Countries Worldwide from just $279 per apartment per week. That's right Timeshare Resort Vacations from as little as $7 per person per night.

We are so confident you will love Travel-Perks that we have a Lifetime offer with no fees or a 1 year trial for just $135

No Yearly Fees.

As there are no fees for exchange, no guest certificate fee, no saving of weeks or points fees and no restriction on amount of use, you can book for your family or all go together, you can book for friends. You could keep this for 10 years and not book till year 10 and it has no running cost. Nothing, not a $.

You just book and go and as many times as you want.

The are are no commitments and you pay nothing if you don't book anything.

See the Travel-Perks Brochure online for examples or download as a pdf

Once in a Lifetime - Lifetime Offer

Once in a Lifetime Platinum Offer

Once FOR a Lifetime Offer of $895 enrolment. Less than the cost of an average two week maintenance fee you can have an unlimited lifetime membership!

Discount code: timesharer4

No membership costs, just book and go.

Platinum LIFETIME Membership

Lifetime NO Yearly Fees $895
Usually $3995
SAVE $3100

Silver 5 Year Membership

5 Years NO Yearly Fees $295
Usually $595 WITH $89 a Year subscription SAVE $750

Bronze 1 Year Trial

1 Year Trial $135
Usually $299
SAVE $164

All the vacations without All the costs - Platinum Lifetime Membership with NO yearly fees in our offer is just $895 saving over $3100 and no yearly fees!

I am already an RCI Points owner and yet Travel-Perks lets me take extra weeks, friends and family in weeks from $279 per apartment per week. No guest fees, no exchange fees or points to use. I can also take extra weeks in the resort that I already own in, for less than I am paying per week in management fees, that truly is amazing.

So whether you are new to Vacationing in super timeshare resorts or a seasoned owner, Travel-Perks Resort Vacations can save you a staggering amount of money on brilliant vacations.

You can sign up for a small fee, instantly get access to your membership and can be booking your RCI week in minutes. That's right 5 minutes from now you could have booked your RCI vacation from a selection of up to 4500 RCI Resorts all around the World.

RCI Weeks from just $279 per apartment per week ($7 per person per night)

The Timesharer has negotiated a deal on your behalf for just $295 for 5 year membership with no yearly fees, a whopping saving of $750 whilst discount code lasts* Unlimited Use, no booking restrictions

  1. Sign up with a once off small joining fee and get access to your membership instantly. Use your Discount code; timesharer4 courtesy of the Timesharer and you can join today for $295 whilst code lasts! Normal 5 year joining fee is $599 and has a $89 a year membership fee, so we save you $750,  Alternatively take a 1 year trial for $135, saving $164 on the normal trial price.
  2. In your Travel-Perks member area. Click on the flag for the currency of you choice and the search renders in that currency. US Flag for US$, UK Flag for GBP £ and Euro flag for Euro €. This opens up the directory for search or the RCI Resort directory. More currencies being added, Canada and Australia coming soon.
  3. Search for your RCI Vacation. Choose your area, resort , unit size, date etc, open up the resort information and then you can either hold for 24 hours and look at more choices or Book your week/s
  4. Start packing your bags! You can do all this in less than 5 minutes!

The Timesharer $295 Travel-Perks Discount code.
SAVE $750 Now On 5 Year Membership with no yearly fees

The discount code in our offer:  timesharer4       
* As you would expect, there are a limited amount of codes left in this offer, first come first served as always.

On the join Travel-Perks page where it says discount code, enter the word: timesharer4     this reduces the SILVER 5 Year offer from $599 to just $295. 5 Years and NO YEARLY FEES version
Less than one year's average maintenance fee.
Alternatively choose the bronze 1 year offer and it will reduce to $135 using the code; timesharer4

Create a login password on sign up and remember your password, you then use this every time you want to login to search Travel-Perks RCI Vacations online.

See the Timesharer $295 - 5 year offer for Travel-Perks
NO Yearly Fee Version
 See The Travel-Perks Brochure
Silver 5 Year Normal Sales Price £599 + $89 Yearly Fee
SAVE $750 with our super-once only offer

$295 - 5 Year Silver Membership
NO Yearly Fees

April Offer 5 year NO yearly fee membership at $295. Less than 1 year's average management fees at a resort for a 5 year membership! Offer ends 30th April 2021

You save $3100 with this offer using the code;    timesharer4
PLATINUM LIFETIME membership with no yearly fees for just $895

What are you waiting for, there will not be another deal quite like it.
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Lifetime Membership 

  • Code: timesharer4
  • Lifetime membership
  • NO yearly fee
  • Instant Access

  • Normal price $3995

  • Save $3100
1 Year Bronze


1 Year Trial Use

  • Code:   timesharer4 
  • Lifetime membership
  • 1 year use book ahead option
  • Instant Access
  • Normal Price $299

  • Save $164
5 Year Silver


5 Year Membership

  • Code: timesharer4
  • 5 Year membership
  • NO yearly fee version
  • Instant Access
  • Normal Price $599 + yearly fees of $89

  • Save $750

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