RCI Points Fees USA 2022
RCI Points USA Yearly Running Costs & Fees 2022

NEW. RCI Points costs and fees for 2022 in US$.

Remember these are just the RCI Points Fees in USA $, you pay your yearly property maintenance fees and other resort upkeep liabilities to your resort, separately, on top of these fees.

RCI Points Fees USA in $ for 2022

Yearly RCI Points Subscription Fees USA 2022

1 year


1 Year Platinum


5 Years


5 Year Platinum


5 Year & Platinum Running Cost 


RCI Points Exchange Fees USA 2022

Home Resort Reservation (7 nights)


RCI Points Reservation 14 nights +


RCI Points Reservation: 7-13 nights


RCI Points Reservation USA: 6 nights


RCI Points Reservation USA: 5 nights 


RCI Points Reservations Shorter breaks USA

RCI Points Reservation USA: 4 nights


RCI Points Reservation USA: 3 nights


RCI Points Reservation USA: 2 nights


RCI Points Reservation USA: 1 night


RCI Weeks Reservation (7 nights) 


RCI Points Running Cost & Rental Fees USA 2022

Points Saving Fee


Points Extension -
Less than or Equal to 30000 Points


RCI Points Extension USA -
30,001 Points or more


RCI Points Rental Fee USA (Per Point)


Example RCI Rental Fee 30,000 Points


RCI Points Additional Fees USA 2022

Points Exchange Plus Fee - Point value of 40,000


Points Exchange Plus Fee - Point value of 50,000


Last Call - Call Center/RCI.com H/S


Last Call - Call Center/RCI.com 1BR


Last Call - Call Center/RCI.com  2BR


Points for Weeks Deposit Fee USA


Points Transfer Fee USA


RCI Points Guest Certificate USA


Membership Transfer Application (MTA)


RCI Points Unit Upgrades and Changes


RCI Points Family Share or Points Transfer


RCI Points Protection 5+ nights


About your yearly RCI Points running costs 2022

There are the RCI Points running costs PLUS the costs of your timeshare every year after you have bought the timeshare property or RCI points of course.

The above yearly RCI Points running costs are various fees that are associated with your USA RCI Points membership benefits. Obviously what your totals are depend on how you use your individual RCI Points membership each year.

IN Addition TO Your RCI Points Yearly Running Costs Every Year.
Don't forget on an YEARLY basis, you will also pay a maintenance (management) fee, either on your points total or on your individual weeks you own.

Your Resort Maintenance fee, which you pay every year, is used toward the operation and upkeep of the RCI Resort at which you own the weeks or points.

This is not a fee which is collected by RCI - This is an extra yearly fee you pay your resort directly, each and every year.

*Credit - RCI Fees Source RCI Help on rci.com for pricing 2022, valid from December 2021

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