Buying RCI Points Guide

Buying RCI Points Guide 2016

Buying RCI Points Guide, including how to buy rci points

The Buying RCI Points Guide for users and prospective buyers

Buying RCI Points Guide

Buying RCI Points Guide – RCI Points Resort

RCI Points, what is RCI Points? What’s is RCI Points all about? RCI Points is best described as a currency for timeshare. This is the RCI Points Buyers Guide

Buying RCI Points Guide. Simplicity. Rather than have all the variants of seasons, week numbers, unit sizes, resort facilities, grades and location, all coupled to how far in advance you decide to put your timeshare up for exchange with RCI, you just have a value in points, called RCI Points Timeshares. These points have an annual management fee to keep the timeshare you own in good condition and there is a small cost to RCI to make a reservation – RCI Points fees, this varies to the duration, whether days or weeks, the price varies accordingly. More on management fees later in this article.

So the concept is you buy your vacation (the timeshare) and the cost thereafter for your vacations is the management fee cost every year and your RCI membership and reservations fee.

The name of the game being to increase the quality of you vacation accommodations whilst making the cost of the vacation cheaper than renting
. A word of caution, it’s easy to get that bit wrong, by simply buying the wrong timeshare with a ridiculously high management fee, for the time of year of the week owned, but we will cover how to avoid  that later in this article.

The most popular and cost effective way to own RCI Points is to buy RCI Pure Points, where you have any amount of RCI Pure points you want to own without having to buy a timeshare week or weeks. The purchase is a lot simpler than buying weeks and can be completed quite quickly. All RCI Points whether pure points or weeks used as points are the same value and work the same the world over. So how you own them doesn’t affect how you use them.

So how do you get this value of points if you own weeks? RCI Points values are allocated to weeks by RCI. Every week in every unit has a specific value if they are fixed weeks. When you buy a week you can find out what value it has in RCI Points from your RCI Points vendor before purchase.

You own a week or weeks of peak timeshare at a resort and convert  “cede” them into RCI Points. That basically means you give the right to use that timeshare week to RCI every year for as long as you want to remain in RCI Points. They can then offer your week to other owners and the same applies to you, in that you can book and go to anywhere within RCI that is available to book. You must cede a week for it to be in RCI points.

The specific timeshare you own, determines how many points it is worth. For instance an out of season studio in a standard resort can be worth just 9,000 points, whereas a 3 bedroom week in say Disney or Hilton in peak season can be 89,000 points. So the more it is worth as a timeshare in popularity and demand, the more points you get for it and these are issued every year into your account.


Buying RCI Points Guide How many RCI points to book?

How many RCI points to book?

You get this value in points every year to spend on vacations as you want, up to the limit you own. So sticking with the example above you might have a studio week worth 9000 points and a 3 bedroom week worth 120,000 points, together your points ownership would be 129000 points. They aren’t separated in any way, they are one points holding. You could book 12 weeks at 10,000 point a vacation, or two weeks in a Gold Crown 2 bed at 60,000 points a week, any imaginable combination up to the total of your ownership total, in this example 129,000 points.

So lets recap. You can buy any amount of RCI pure points without the hassle of owning a timeshare property or you can buy a week or weeks of timeshare with their own values and cede them into RCI Points and the total is what you own in RCI Points. Of course YOU still own the properties, but they are RCI Points in your membership so long as you wish to remain in RCI Points (you can withdraw and stay with fixed weeks as a timeshare). You can also  own a mixture of both pure points and RCI weeks as points, they all get used the same when making a booking and appear as one statement in your RCI account online.

RCI  Points Buying Guide – Running Costs – Called The Management Fee (MF) or Maintenance Fee

Buying RCI Points Guide RCI Points Yearly Fees

RCI Points Yearly Fees – Looking after your own resort

So far so good, but what about those running costs and how do you know how to choose a good timeshare to buy that works well in RCI Points as opposed to a nightmare? Well that’s easier than you think, but takes a little explaining. First you have to understand the management fee and the different valuations given to weeks by RCI, dependent on their “Resorts Of Proven Demand” Index

Firstly all timeshares have what is called a management fee, which is billed every year for each week owned. This is a charge for the running cost of the resort, shared among all the owners and covers staff costs, upkeep, taxes, tourism licenses renovation and refurbishment and of course the maintenance of the specific apartment that you own as well as all other costs a resort incurs. This ensure that what you own remains in tip top condition, so that anyone that uses it feels that it is as good as new.

Management Fees And Pure Points. Pure points management fees sometimes called Yearly Resort Fees are fair in that they are an average of all weeks at a resort and are apparent before a purchase. They are also stated quite clearly on the new RCI Points Purchase Agreements. The great thing about pure points is that you don’t buy the low valued week by making a poor purchase and so pure points are very very popular. A good management fee rate would be anything below $0.009 cents a point, just under a cent a point or 9 cents for 10 points.

Management Fees and Weeks As Points. The thing with management fees is that they are shared collectively with all owners at a resort, right across the year.  Resorts charge a fee for each type or class of unit, so a studio one fee, a one bedroom another fee, a two bed another and similarly a unit with more bathrooms may have another higher fee and so on. So an apartment suite may be $600 a week and here is the bit you need to be clever on.

Whatever the cost of the management fee, it is level for all owners throughout the year. An owner with a week worth 9,000 points would have a management fee of US$600, but then again so would the owner of the peak week in that same apartment in summer with points value of 50,000. So a clever buyer goes for the peak weeks with the highest values as they in effect have the lowest running costs – that is the ratio of points to management fee cost.

Why is it so hard to find the best RCI Points weeks deals? Let the Buying RCI Points Guide clue you up on that one. That’s because there are only 6 or less peak weeks of timeshare in every timeshare unit and they are also the most popular times of the year – which is why they are peak obviously. Because they are the most popular they come at a premium price, so you need to find a great resale peak week/s from a seller that is an RCI Points vendor (or they won’t be able to cede your week into points).  RCI Points Specialists who know all about RCI Points usually have the best deals in both RCI Pure Points and RCI Weeks as points.

An even cleverer buyer will get top weeks in a resort that has low management fee costs, and therefore a lower management fee every year. BUT if you buy unwisely you may find your apartment week has a management fee of $1400 and still be getting  the same points as the guy who bought wisely. See our list of safe sellers who only sell owner controlled resorts with low yearly fees.

Here is how to Buy RCI Points the right way by Buying RCI Points Guide

Buying RCI Points Guide Buy Best RCI Points - Low Fees

Buy Best RCI Points – Low Fees

An example currently would be to choose a timeshare resale at a resort in the sun year round (no heating costs and no harsh weather costings) where  the resort doesn’t have fancy and very expensive facilities (golf course, beach front for sand wear on the property etc) and that means you aren’t paying for a host of facilities you are never going to use yourself.

Get a collection of peak weeks together with a low management fee and you can have an RCI Points ownership with a half or even a third of the management costs of owning elsewhere and the Points are exactly the same, you just pay less to look after them. This means every vacation you book forever becomes a third of the cost to you, as that of other owners. Now that is buying RCI Points the right way!

To illustrate Buying RCI Points Guide shows the difference between the right way and the wrong way to buy weeks as points and pure points:-

3 weeks in an apartment with a value of 15,000 points and $600 management fees each and your annual value and cost would be 45,000 points and a management fee of $1800 – Painful and the wrong way to own!

1 week in the same apartment with a value of 50,000 points and $600 management fees  and your annual value and cost would be 48,000 points and a management fee of $600 – Excellent, that’s the right way to buy weeks as points!

 50,000 RCI Pure points platinum and $472 management fees  and your annual value and cost would be 48,000 points and a management fee of $472 – TOP DEAL, that’s the right way to buy pure points and buying wisely get a Platinum membership!

You can take that perfection to a whole new level if you are even more astute. There are a few good companies out there, but most aren’t so clever on the best weeks for YOU as opposed to what they want to sell, they obviously have to do something with those out of season weeks. But  one that fulfills our criteria above is Holiday Max which sells to USA, Canada and the UK and you can see their RCI Timeshare For Points and the ratio of management fees to points or their Holiday Max 100000 RCI Points Timeshares page  with extra bargains and special offers.

Here are Buying RCI Points Guide links to charts of values from RCI and an RCI Points vs Weeks chart. Better because the Canadian or US Dollar is strong against the Euro or GBP, the rate of exchange works amazingly in your favor making the management fee very low indeed, with management fees of  $974 for 100,000 points, which means your vacations will be cheap indeed!

Buying RCI Points Guide – Sticking with the management fees. If you buy a resort with all the tricks and more at a top location you might have management fees up there in the CAD$1000 for a week worth only 30,000 points. That’s fine if you want to use it every year and will get the benefit, but not such a clever idea if you never intend to go there or just go there once. If you want to use a top resort you should be buying and owning timeshare to use onsite and stick with weeks  as opposed to points.

Buying RCI Points Guide Vacation Cost comparison.

Good vs Bad RCI Points Ownership Purchase

So assume two owners at the same resort (from a points purchase point of view) make the same vacation choice to a 1 bedroom gold crown worth 45000 points. The owner with 45000 points from a fixed week and a management fee of $1300 and the other owner with 75,000 RCI pure points platinum with a management fee of CAD$732. Firstly you can see who is paying the least for that vacation, but wait a minute, the clever owner wih the 75000 pure platinum points still has 30,000 points left over for another vacation! In reality his management fee cost for this vacation pro rata to his points used is only CAD$439. So one owner is booking EXACTLY the same vacation as the other but the cost to one is CAD$1300 and the cost to the other CAD$439, that is a stunning CAD$861 difference for owning the same amount of points to go to the same vacation..

If you think that sounds a big difference, try expanding that over the next 10 years of vacations, CAD$8610 and that’s just because one owner was better at buying than the other. I hope you take my advice in my Buying RCI Points Guide and follow my guidelines and wish you happy vacations!

This is the Buying RCI Points Guide recommended choice if you want a safe and low cost RCI Points bargain. You can find  RCI Points Ownerships that run from the North American Indianaplois RCI office or RCI Canada,  RCI Europe UK Kettering, Australia or Worldwide  on theses accredited and awarded websites:-

If you want another great site on RCI Points why not also take a visit to What Are Timeshare Points?

We hope you enjoyed the Buying RCI Points Guide. Future topics in this series include  RCI Points Timeshare, Timeshare Points, Sell My RCI Points, RCI Timeshare Weeks Exchange, RCI Gold Crown, Interval International Exchange, Interval International Deposit First and Marriott Timeshare Resale





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